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As of today, about 1 million Byelorussian specialists are ready to move to other country to change the place of their employment.

We know how to contact them.

Our personnel recruitment specialists will find the most suitable applicants, check their professional skills, and collect recommendations.

Choose the best specialists, nothing else is needed!

For employers

We can help you in search of the following specialists:


It specialists

Qualified specialists for industry

International drivers

Employees for: construction, service, and agriculture spheres

Other specialists

Procedure for personnel search and recruitment

Receipt of the task prepared by a customer – a prospect employer.

Getting in touch with a suitable applicant for the position and offering employment conditions of a customer – a prospect employer.

Presentation of suitable applicants to a customer – a prospect employer.

Arranging an interview with the applicants selected by a customer – a prospect employer.

Execution of all documents required for legal arrival to a working place.


Motivation to earn more allows an employer and employees negotiate an overtime pay easier.

High level of education and highly developed industry in Belarus guarantees a sufficient number of qualified and experienced specialists.

Average wages in Europe are higher than in Belarus.

Byelorussians are distinguished by their decency and industriousness and are highly motivated to earn more.

As a work permit is only issued by your organization, an employee cannot change the employer within one year.

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